• November

    Mrs. Greb Attends NACAC Conference in Salt Lake City

    Earlier this fall, Mrs. Greb attended the National Association of College Admissions Counseling in Salt Lake City. In addition to connecting with other counselors in various parts of the country, Mrs. Greb attended a number of conference sessions on best practices in college counseling, CommonApp, FAFSA, and what elite universities in both the United States and the United Kingdom are looking for in candidates for admissions and the differences in their application processes.
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  • Gratitude for a Successful Old Bill’s 2018

    Building upon last year’s success at Old Bill’s, we are grateful to have surpassed both total donations and number of individual donors this year.
    Jackson Hole Classical Academy raised $78,845 this year from 68 different donors, even more than last year’s 58 generous donors who gave $75,900. We were honored to see an increase in support this year, especially in our number of donors. Seeing our community support our mission of bring quality educational opportunities to Teton County families inspires us every day.
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  • September

    2018 Faculty Retreat

    After a week of intensive in-service on campus at JHCA, the faculty spent several days in Cody for reflection, rest, and recreation. We were blessed to be joined by Brent Hodges, JHCA Board President, who provided us with rich teaching on finding proper rest in the midst of our responsibilities and busy lives. It was a perfect balance of spending time together doing morning devotions and singing, enjoying outdoor activities, having meaningful conversations, and working together as we plan for the year ahead!
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  • June

    Kindergarten Hatches Butterflies

    The Kindergarten class caught several caterpillars recently to observe their metamorphosis into butterflies and complement their nature study program. They have begun to hatch! Congratulations Kindergarten!
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  • May

    1st Grade American History Fair

    Last Friday you may have had the chance to spot Betsy Ross or George Washington in the first grade homeroom. The event was titled “Living Biographies of Founding Fathers & Mothers.” First grade history at JH Classical Academy spans from the discovery of America to Thomas Jefferson.
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  • 2nd Grade Simple Machines

    Miss Dewald’s second grade class recently learned about the six simple machines that help us work easier, faster, or better. They are the inclined plane, wedge, wheel and axel (including gears), leaver, pulley, and screw. After learning about all six simple machines, the students were challenged to invent a complex machine composed of at least two simple machines at home. They also wrote a report describing what simple machines their invention was composed of and how it made work easier, faster or better. During their complex machine presentation, the students demonstrated and presented their complex machines to their parents and other classes who came to see the inventions.
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  • 6th Grade American History State Project

    Delicious smells of peach cobbler and shrimp ceviche wafted out of the 6thgrade classroom as the history fair got underway. On May 3rd, parents and students from other classes heard about the culture, history, geology, and wildlife of selected states of the Union from the 6th grade American history class.
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  • Practical Arts: Building

    During part of April and May the JH Classical Academy freshmen had the opportunity to get hands onbuilding experience. Mr. Jeff Zender coached the students over the course of four weeks in understanding the basic structure of a building.
    On the first day of their project, students were also able to watch the milling process that turns a pine log into well-planed boards of useable lumber. The class was able to tour a partly constructed building to see its framework and to study the standard dimensions of studs and windows. They then spent time studying the geometry of centering windows and all the necessary supports and hardware needed to install them.
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  • Classical Academy Choir performs with Cathedral Voices at the Village

    On Friday May 4, the Classical Academy Choir joined with Cathedral Voices and several other local choirs and musicians at Walk Festival Hall in Teton Village, where the Teton Music Festival Performs in the summer months. They performed work by visiting composer, Dan Forrest, and others selected to showcase their talent. Music teacher and choir director Lisa Landis conducted the academy ensemble. 

    The students really enjoyed the experience, especially performing in such a beautiful and accoustically built venue. They also appreciated the abundance of support from the school community to see them perfrom that evening. 
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  • April

    Ancient Greek Masks

    In their studies of the Ancient world, Miss Rock’s 7th grade ancient history class recently reenacted a section of The Frogs by Aristophanes, the 4th century Greek comic playwright. After studying Sophocles tragedy Antigone and excerpts from Aristophanes’ The Frogs, the 7th grade students pulled from their newfound knowledge of Greek culture and drama to contribute to the performance. Each student created a mask to represent a figure from the play, some making up the Chorus of frogs, where the play gets its name, and others the mythological figures of the god Dionysus and the ferryman of Hades, Charon.
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  • Neighborhood Open House

    An Owl Happenings’ Neighborhood Open House was held at the Classical Academy on Thursday, April 12th. Representatives from Bouma Construction, Bergmann Architects, Y2 Consultants, Three Elephant Public Relations, the JH Preservation Board and the JH Historical Society were all present to share plans for our school’s future site plan and proposed direction. Many families and friends of the school came out to support our project.
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  • March

    The Square Dance

    On Friday March 16th, JH Classical hosted the second annual Square Dance and Spaghetti Dinner for the students and their families at the school. Stephen and Shea Lassiter traveled down from Cody to call the event, and they spent the week prior in the school during normal PE and Chess class teaching the students various square dance calls. 

    After feasting on Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and garlic bread, the diners cleared and returned as dancers for the remainder of the evening. Over one hundred students, parents, and faculty joined the fun! 
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  • 8th Grade Astronomy Tours

    In Earth Science, our eighth grade students banded together to give a comprehensive tour of the objects in the night sky. The students created a planetarium-like experience by selecting pictures of celestial objects to hang from the walls and ceiling of the classroom.
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  • 6th Grade Trip to the Tram at Teton Village

    On Wednesday, February 28th, the sixth graders were able to visit Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to learn about the physics of the tram.  Students in the sixth grade physical science class are learning about work, power, friction, and machines.  They now know how motion occurs, how to calculate work, power and mechanical advantage, and how to illustrate force diagrams.  
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  • Modeling Medieval Marvels in the 5th and 8th Grades

    Upon walking into the 5th Grade classroom, visitors found themselves ensconced by models of the WhiteTower of London and Canterbury Cathedral constructed in various materials and sizes. The students transformed the room into a city of homemade historical structures. Joining together their studies of European History in the Middle Ages, Miss Koci’s 8th Grade Medieval History and Mr. Sawyer’s 5th Grade British History classes joined together to present a Medieval History Fair with a variety of cathedrals and castles iconic to Britain at the time.
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  • February

    Cowboy Coffee Displays Mr. Walter's Art

    Cowboy Coffee currently is bedecked with landscapes and scenery painted by JH Classical’s own Mr. Walter largely of areas around Jackson Hole. For most of his life Mr. Walter has been painting and drawing, and now the local establishment has turned into his own gallery for part of February and March. He is especially excited to share his art with the community and for the opportunity for people to view and enjoy his work.
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  • The 3rd Grade Roman Forum

    The third grade reenacted a Roman Forum to celebrate the end of our unit on Ancient Rome. The Roman Forum was a marketplace where goods were bought and sold. It was also a gathering place where people would meet for lively conversation.  Orators like Cicero and Mark Antony would give rousing speeches in the Forum. If you wanted to hear what gossip was going around Rome, you would go to the Forum! We try to recreate the feeling of the Roman Forum in the classroom by sharing everything we had learned about Ancient Rome. 
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  • The Reading Rodeo Kick-off and Mystery Characters

    This year, the Annual JHCA reading event has been restyled the Reading Rodeo, in an annual effort to inspire students and their families to read and unite over great books. The three-week event opened with a school-wide rally for which each faculty member and rodeo volunteer donned literary costumes. Pictures of the teachers are posted in the main hall for the students to investigate, and a competition is underway to guess the identities of each costumed figure. 

    In addition to the character competition, the students compete in their homerooms to read the most minutes and the highest class average earns treats for their classes! The Reading Rodeo promotes literacy and community in books and pleasant competition. A special thanks to parent coordinators for their support and involvement.
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  • January

    5th Grade goes Wassailing

    In celebration of the season, Mr. Sawyer’s 5th Grade British History class went a ‘Wassailing through the school on Wednesday, December 20th, singing old carols and bearing treats and wassail to most of the school. They were joined by the 8th grade Medieval History class, who roved around the school with voices and spirits raised. 
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  • Renaissance Art Study

    On Monday Mrs. Birnie brought the beautiful architecture of Italy into the classroom with a presentation on renaissance buildings to 5th and 6thgrade.
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  • Welcome Lucas Landis

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Landis on the birth of their baby boy, Lucas Walter Landis. He was born January 2, 2018 and was the first baby of the year in Jackson. 
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