The mission of Jackson Hole Classical Academy is to cultivate within its students the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover their God-given potential and contribute to a flourishing and free society.
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JH Classical Academy: Fast Facts

JHCA Fast Facts

Polly Friess

Head of School Update

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  • Head of School Update

    Dear JH Classical Academy Parents,

    How do you describe classical education to a family inquiring about our school?
    If I were to describe classical education in my own words, from my own experience, I would say that it is choosing a path of intentional learning and living. It is an age-appropriate journey of observing the world around you and making sense of your place in it. It encourages questioning. It examines desires. It requires virtue. It draws from the great thinkers of the past. It teaches us to encounter new information and assimilate that knowledge towards proper action. It allows one to dream and fail within a framework of values that leads to greater purpose and happiness. Classical education understands that intentional learning and living takes time, and the process is just as beautiful as the goal.
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Well Ordered Life Series

Featured Articles

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  • Well Ordered Life Series: Part 1

    By: Mr. Ben Walter

    Love is a good place to begin thinking about the four cardinal and three theological virtues because it is the most powerful motivator in our lives. Love inspires us and brings happiness like nothing else. Perversions of love, misplaced love, and the absence of love are responsible for almost all our woes.
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Community Life

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  • Lockhart Cattle

    Community Update

    By: Mr. Burton Gildersleeve

    You could hear the roars of youthful excitement from a distance. Cheers of budding glee, intermingled with shouts of surprise and intrigue, rushed down the upper school halls like a herd of charging cattle.
    I had been forewarned. The fourth graders had received an unusually large and grisly package in the mail for their science class. I'm married to their teacher, so news of this kind is easy to come by. "It's from Lockhart Ranch," Mrs. Gildersleeve had stated with buzzing anticipation the night before. "We owe them a big thank you for what might be the best experiment ever."
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In the Classroom

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  • Jackson Hole Classical Academy High School Art Elective

    High School Art Elective

    Jackson Hole Classical Academy is offering a high school oil painting elective for the spring semester of 2020. Mr. Walter is teaching the elective. He was schooled in the classical method of painting and has loved drawing and painting from an early age. In his current practice, Mr. Walter prefers to paint landscapes in oil paint. He draws inspiration from the Jackson Hole landscape and American Impressionists such as Chauncey Ryder, Edgar Payne, Arthur Dow, and Birge Harrison.
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