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Jackson Hole Classical Academy is fortunate to have a dedicated and talented faculty. Academy teachers – with a rigorous, content-rich curriculum as their road-map – guide and mentor students with care and intentionality. Both in and outside the classroom, our faculty strives to fulfill our school mission: to cultivate within students the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover their God-given potential and contribute to a flourishing and free society.

Leadership Team

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  • Dr. Joseph Rudolph

    Thomas More College, B.A., Literature
    Fordham University, M.A., Medieval Studies
    Fordham University, Ph.D., English

    Dean of Faculty
    6th Latin, 10-12th Literature & Composition

    Dr. Joseph Rudolph grew up in the rural town of Conesus in New York state. He majored in literature at Thomas More College and then taught at New England Classical Academy in New Hampshire. Teaching made Dr. Rudolph realize how much he loved language, especially ancient language. He decided to continue his education and received an MA in Medieval Studies and a PhD in English from Fordham University. Dr. Rudolph's dissertation centers on the literature of eleventh-century Europe.

    "The wonderful part of teaching is to witness a student grasp something—when it 'clicks'—for the first time. It is a privilege to help someone come to knowledge and wisdom." 
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  • Mrs. Hillary T. Short

    University of Oklahoma, B.A., Humane Letters and French
    Abilene Christian University, M.Ed., Educational Leadership and Administration

    Dean of Faculty, Lower School
    6th Literature, 9th & 10th French

    Mrs. Hillary Short comes to JH Classical Academy with a rich background in classical education. She attended the University of Oklahoma for a bachelor of art's degree in Humane Letters and French, and then received a Master's in Educational Leadership from Abilene Christian University. She has over ten years of teaching experience, most recently at the Geneva School of Boerne.
    Mrs. Short's degree in Humane Letters included history, philosophy, literature, modern language and ancient language. She says, "The course of study showed me that I had been unaware of my ignorance. It opened my mind to previously unexplored branches of knowledge and cultivated a thirst for learning that I mistakenly thought I had satiated." As part of her French degree, Mrs. Short was also able to study in France for a semester at the University of Blaise Pascal.
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  • Mr. Samuel Lunz

    University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, B.S., Exercise Science and Biology
    Texas State University, M.Ed., Exercise Science
    Dean of Students & Athletics Director 
    7th Life Science; 7/8th PE

    Coach Samuel Lunz is originally from San Marcos, Texas, where his father has been a headmaster of a private school for 40 years. His nineteen years of teaching experience have given him a deep love for the art of teaching. In particular, Coach Lunz is eager to see his students embody the same virtues on the field or court that are incorporated into every aspect of the classroom at JH Classical Academy. In the community, Coach Lunz serves as the head basketball coach of Jackson Hole High School. Coach Lunz and his wife have embraced life in Jackson Hole and are enjoying raising their family in this community.

    “I love teaching at Jackson Hole Classical Academy because of the high character and quality of the faculty, staff, leadership, and families. It is by far the best place I have taught because of the focus on in-depth curriculum and teaching, the pursuit of truth, and the development of each student as a whole person created in the image of God.”
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  • Mr. Ian Landis

    Pennsylvania State University, B.S., Elementary Education
    Director of Admissions, Faculty Mentor
    6th Math & Physical Science 

    Mr. Ian Landis, a founding teacher and the Director of Admissions at JH Classical Academy, enjoys teaching science and mathematics at multiple grade levels. Drawn to Wyoming to be near extended family, Mr. Landis has previously taught in Arizona as well as South Dakota. Mr. Landis’s logical approach to his teaching disciplines makes him a model of excellence in the classroom for his students. Mr. Landis enjoys riding his motorcycle, studying his Bible, and exploring the beauty of Wyoming with his wife and two children.
    “I love seeing students mature in their learning, whether it be coming to love mathematics or science, or just deepening their understanding of the world around them. To love to learn is one of our highest aims, and to be able to guide students to this love through proper training and habit formation has been a blessing. I love coming to work every day, connecting with families in our community, and pointing students to what is true, good, and beautiful.”
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  • Lt. Col. (Ret.) Curby Graham

    University of Texas at San Antonio, B.A., Humanities
    Webster University, M.A., Human Resources Management/ Personnel Administration
    Houston Baptist University, M.A., Theology/Apologetics

    Director of Business and Operations

    Mr. Curby Graham is JH Classical Academy’s Director of Business and Operations. A retired Lieutenant Colonel in US Army Intelligence and true lifelong learner, Mr. Graham attended the University of Texas at San Antonio for a bachelor of arts in Humanities, Webster University for a master of arts in Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, and most recently Houston Baptist University for a master of arts in Theology/Apologetics.
    Since retiring from his twelve-year military career, Mr. Graham has taught apologetics at the Geneva School of Boerne, as well as serving as an Academic Dean and Dead of Students. He jokes, "Handling discipline is not a stretch for a military guy."
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Dean of Faculty Updates

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  • Friday, May 14, 2021

    Dr. Joseph Rudolph
    Dear JH Classical Academy Parents,
    “Why Latin?” It is a question that virtually every middle or high school teacher of the subject is asked. And the teacher will often give what seems like a very long answer –– precisely because there are so many good answers to give: Latin provides access to a rich world of scientific, literary, theological, and philosophical texts; complex languages like Latin have been shown to boost cognitive capacity and raise standardized test scores; a large portion of English vocabulary has its origin in Latin words; and the ability to translate Horace and Vergil will make one the life of any party (kidding, mostly).
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Dean of Students Updates

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  • Thursday, May 27, 2021

    Mr. Sam Lunz
    Dear JH Classical Academy Parents,
    Our school’s mission is to cultivate within our students the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover and fulfill their God-given potential and contribute to a flourishing and free society. The tasks involved in this process can be challenging at times but also very rewarding. Our students are balancing rigorous and in-depth studies, after school sports and activities, and time with family and friends all while trying to maintain a high level of excellence in their academic and behavioral habits. Our teachers help our students to manage high expectations with a tremendous amount of joy and happiness but that doesn’t mean all of the work is easy and fun. 
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Director of Admissions Updates 2020-21

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  • Friday, April 23, 2021

    Mr. Ian Landis
    Dear JH Classical Academy Parents, 
    It is an exciting time in our community as we dive into the final seven weeks of school! I hope that you all had some relaxing moments during our much-needed Spring Break and are ready to finish the school year with vigor and enthusiasm. We are so blessed to have students on campus five days a week, almost the entire academic year. Students thrive when learning from their teachers alongside their peers in a classroom setting, not on a computer. 
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Faculty and Staff

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  • Mrs. Ashton Quattlebaum

    University of Georgia, B.S., Human Development and Family Science

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Mrs. Ashton Quattlebaum hails from Augusta, Georgia. She attended Augusta Christian School and then earned a degree in Human Development and Family Science from the University of Georgia. Despite her deep Georgia roots, Mrs. Quattlebaum also has a close affinity for Jackson Hole. She has been visiting during the summer since childhood and her now husband proposed to her on the gondola at JHMR!

    "I want a job with purpose and I want to teach. I love how the school approaches God's Truth and communicates it through loving action and education. The foundation of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is a solid one! I've felt such a calling to be here."
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  • Mrs. Tracy Court

    University of Dallas, B.A., Theology

    2nd Homeroom Teacher

    Mrs. Tracy Court is the second grade teacher at JH Classical Academy. She grew up in Houston and earned a bachelor of arts degree in Theology from the University of Dallas. She has five years of experience teaching in public, charter, and private education. Most recently she taught 3rd grade at Founders Classical Academy near Dallas.
    Mrs. Court says, "I love how children of this age are becoming independent thinkers. I get to help them form ideas by teaching them how to think. They are so excited to learn!"
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  • Mrs. Kimberly Nichols

    Grand Valley State University, B.S., Film and Video Production
    Regis University, M.Ed., Special Education
    State of WY Professional Teaching Certificate, Standard, Endorsements: Exceptional Generalist K-12
    1st Homeroom Teacher

    Mrs. Kimberly Nichols brings more than a decade of experience to JH Classical Academy, having taught K-8 students in public, private, and Christian school settings. Mrs. Nichols’ students find her energy and joy for learning contagious from the moment they enter her classroom. With her roots in Michigan, Mrs. Nichols has lived in eight different states and also has spent time living in South Korea. Her passion for helping students rise to their full potential is reflected in her involvement with Young Life, where she has served as a leader for multiple years.
    "What I love about JH Classical is that I can really teach, encourage, and inspire my students. The literature-rich curriculum enables me to go deeper and foster an environment of thoughtful inquiry and deep wonder."
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  • Mr. Kyle Botkin

    Texas A&M, B.S., Youth Development
    Harvard University, ALM, Mathematics Education

    5th Homeroom & Singapore Math; 8th Algebra, 9/10th Algebra II, 12th Calculus

    Mr. Kyle Botkin is a Texan with family roots in Houston and a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M. His background has always oriented around education, though it has developed over time. His undergraduate study in the agricultural department of Texas A&M focused on parks and recreation management and youth outdoor programming.

    "The best part of teaching is meeting new students every year and making a positive impact on their lives. While I love math in its own right, I also view it as a powerful way to mentor students."
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  • Mrs. Kate Rudolph

    Providence College, B.A., Theology, Minor in Dance
    Oxford University, M.St., Study of Religion

    5th Literature & Composition, 5th European History & Geography, 8th Logic

    Mrs. Kate Rudolph grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut, and attended St Joseph's high school. Her liberal arts studies gave her an early taste for the value of classical education. She received a degree from Providence College in Rhode Island, where she studied theology with a minor in dance. Upon graduation, she matriculated into Oxford University for a master’s in theology.

    "What I love most about teaching is to see students ask the right questions. My job is to encourage their curiosity and to guide their inquiry."
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  • Ms. Kirby Feaver

    Fresno Pacific University, B.S., Biology

    4th Singapore Math, 7th Pre-Algebra, 9th Biology & 10-12th Anatomy and Physiology

    Ms. Kirby Feaver was born and raised in California. She attended Fresno Pacific University, where she earned a degree in biology. She has twenty-five years of teaching experience at private, charter, and public schools in California and Colorado.

    "I love working with young people. They fill me with hope and keep me sharp with their inquisitiveness."
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  • Ms. Alice Lyons

    Claremont McKenna, B.A., Classical and Religious Studies
    University of Cambridge, M.Phil., Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

    7th Grade Homeroom and Literature, 7/8th Grade Latin I & 5th Grade Latin

    Ms. Alice Lyons comes from a family of teachers. She attended Claremont McKenna for a bachelor’s degree in classics and the University of Cambridge for a master's degree in Anglo-Saxon. She has since taught at classical and private schools. Ms. Lyons says her favorite thing about teaching is, "how quickly you can witness change."

    "Students begin a class not knowing a concept, and by the end of the class they know and apply it freely. Seeing students daily develop their minds and souls is rewarding."
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  • Ms. Laura McMillion

    Baylor University, B.A., University Scholars
    University of Notre Dame, MTS., Biblical Studies
    10th-12th Homeroom, 12th Christian History, Rhetoric & Senior Thesis; 7th Grade Ancient History, 9/10th Latin IV, 12th Spanish II

    An Indiana native, Miss McMillion earned an MTS. from Notre Dame in Biblical Studies after studying at Baylor University. A fan of the out-of-doors who explored the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, where she previously taught, Miss McMillion had visited Jackson several times and was always struck with the beauty of the mountains and tranquility of the lakes. JHCA is a place where she can combine her passion for teaching the classics along with her outdoor interests. Miss McMillion is a competitive cyclist, an aspiring skier, an avid hiker, and when not pursuing athletic endeavors, loves to curl up and read a book.

    "I love working with the outstanding faculty at JHCA.  My goal is to always help students encounter - and hopefully fall in love with - literature and Latin the way I did!"

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  • Mr. Seth Rutt

    Colorado Christian University, B.A., Elementary Education
    University of Arkansas, M.A., Physical Education
    Student Athletics Officer; K-6th PE, 3rd Singapore Math & Science 

    Mr. Seth Rutt grew up in Phoenix Arizona and graduated from Colorado Christian University with a B.A. in Elementary Education and from University of Arkansas with an M.A. in Physical Education. Mr. Rutt has taught physical education since 2010, both at Great Hearts and JHCA. He also worked in K-6 administration at Great Hearts. Mr. Rutt, his wife Katilyn, and their young son Bryson, are excited to once again work at JHCA and live in Jackson Hole.
    "I love teaching because I have the privilege of showing students the love of Christ on a daily basis. While their physical health and development is important, having the opportunity to guide students in their spiritual health is an even bigger blessing."
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  • Mr. Chase Court

    Texas A&M University, B.A. 
    Texas A&M University, M.A., Clinical Psychology

    Learning Support Specialist & Mentoring Coordinator

    Mr. Chase Court is the Learning Support Specialist and Mentoring Coordinator at JH Classical Academy and joins us along with his wife and our second grade teacher, Tracy Court. Mr. Court previously worked for six school districts near Dallas providing student psychology and support services. 
    After earning a bachelor of arts degree from Texas A&M University Mr. Court received his master’s degree in clinical psychology. He also has a specialized degree to work in schools as a psychologist. 

    He says, "The rewarding aspect of my job is the ability to build relationships with students and work with them to help them develop the social and emotional skill sets to become successful."
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