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Jackson Hole Classical Academy is fortunate to have a dedicated and talented faculty. Academy teachers – with a rigorous, content-rich curriculum as their road-map – guide and mentor students with care and intentionality. Both in and outside the classroom, our faculty strives to fulfill our school mission: to cultivate within students the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover their God-given potential and contribute to a flourishing and free society.

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  • Mrs. Kathleen Patrick

    Asbury College, B.A., Elementary Education
    University of Kentucky, M.A., Early Childhood Education


    Mrs. Kathleen Patrick’s years of teaching experience form the foundation for future success of students at Jackson Hole Classical Academy. With a background in classical education, Mrs. Patrick’s love for her young students is evident in every aspect of how she conducts her classroom. Born in New York, and most recently living and teaching in Texas, Mrs. Patrick and her husband love living the Wyoming mountain life. Outside of teaching, she finds joy in gardening, bird watching, and spending time with her grandchildren. 
    “I love teaching at JH Classical because of the amazing support parents give. Here, I have parents taking the initiative and coming to me to ask how they can best help their child succeed. JH Classical parents are the best!”
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  • Mrs. Kimberly Nichols

    Grand Valley State University, B.S., Film and Video Production
    Regis University, M.Ed., Special Education, generalist
    1st Grade, DIBELS Instructor

    Mrs. Kimberly Nichols brings more than a decade of experience to JH Classical Academy, having taught K-8 students in public, private, and Christian school settings. Mrs. Nichols’ students find her energy and joy for learning contagious from the moment they enter her classroom. With her roots in Michigan, Mrs. Nichols has lived in eight different states and also has spent time living in South Korea. Her passion for helping students rise to their full potential is reflected in her involvement with Young Life, where she has served as a leader for multiple years.
    "What I love about JH Classical is that I can really teach, encourage, and inspire my students. The literature-rich curriculum enables me to go deeper and foster an environment of thoughtful inquiry and deep wonder."
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  • Miss Sarah Grupp

    Catholic University, B.Ph., Philosophy and Classics
    2nd Grade

    Miss Sarah Grupp graduated from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. with a Bachelors of Philosophy in Philosophy and Classics. She has a strong grounding in French and the classical languages. While her studies have drawn her to complex literature, Miss Grupp also loves the opportunity to reread and reflect on the books she loved as a child. In her spare time, Miss Grupp enjoys martial arts, sewing, drawing, reading, and skiing.
    “Being able to play a role in helping children grow as human beings, to watch their sense of wonder as they learn more about the world they live in, about themselves, and about other human beings and their ideas throughout history, is an honor and a delight.”
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  • Mrs. Amy Pino

    Virginia Commonwealth University, B.A., International Relations and Political Science
    3rd Grade

    Mrs. Amy Pino follows in a long line of Virginians falling in love with the beauty of Jackson Hole. Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, Mrs. Pino stayed local for college, earning a B.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University in International Relations and Political Science. Mrs. Pino classically homeschooled her own children and loves how classical education combines the wonder of learning with academic rigor. Mrs. Pino is thrilled to share the many delights of the Valley with her husband, Andrew, and four children, Laila, Avery, Logan and Maddox.
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  • Miss Sarah McWhorter

    University of Oklahoma, BFA Graphic Design
    4th Grade Homeroom, 4th Grade Language Arts, 1st-5th Grade Art

    Miss Sarah McWhorter has over ten years of teaching experience. Drawing on her own K-12 classical education and the wisdom of her mother’s teaching experience of more than 30 years, she strives to engender in her students a deeper sense of wonder in each of those disciplines and to create a rich experience in the classroom. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Miss McWhorter spent the first part of her teaching career there. She enjoys gardening, hiking, camping, and all that life in Jackson has to offer.
    “It is a privilege to be at JH Classical Academy. The material taught here draws students in and fosters in them a deeper curiosity about, and appreciation for, the world. Not only do I have the joy of witnessing this growth in students, but I am also constantly encouraged in my own intellectual and personal growth through my relationships here at the Academy.”
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  • Mrs. Corey Gildersleeve

    Colby College, B.A., Biology and Environmental Science
    Johns Hopkins University, M.S., Secondary Math and Science Education
    4th Grade Singapore Math, 4th Grade Science, 9th Grade Biology

    Born and raised in Connecticut, Mrs. Gildersleeve attended Colby College in Maine, where she earned her B.A. in biology and environmental science. Following graduation, she taught in the Miami-Dade County public school system through Teach for America, earning the prestigious Thomas Eaton Prize for Science Teaching. She earned an M.S. in secondary math and science education from John Hopkins University. Mrs. Gildersleeve made the move cross-country with her husband, Burton, and daughters, Vera and Jane. She and her husband enjoy embracing the many unique aspects of living in the West and enjoy spending time in the outdoors.
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  • Mrs. Sarah Walter

    Sewanee: The University of the South, B.A., Classical Studies
    5th Grade Homeroom, 5th Grade Language Arts, 5th Grade Geography, 1st-5th Grade Latin, Cross Country Coach

    Mrs. Sarah Walter, a founding teacher at JH Classical Academy, is passionate about sharing her love of the Classics with students. As part of her education at Sewanee: The University of the South, Mrs. Walter had the opportunity to travel to Turkey and Greece to study the history of those regions. She enjoys bringing that knowledge and experience to her students. Additionally, Mrs. Walter has received specialized training in TPR (Total Physical Response) Latin, which brings Latin alive for her students. When she is not in the classroom, Mrs. Walter enjoys singing, traveling, reading, hiking, and running.
    “I love working with a team of coworkers that truly devote themselves wholeheartedly to the students at our school - as well as to each other. There is such a strong sense of service here, and a great dedication to a shared purpose.”
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  • Miss Laura McMillion

    Baylor University, B.A.
    University of Notre Dame, M.A., Biblical Studies
    6th Grade Latin; Latin II, 7th Grade Ancient History, 7th Grade Literature and Composition, 7th Grade Typing

    An Indiana native, Miss McMillion earned an M.A. from Notre Dame in Biblical Studies after studying classics at Baylor University. A fan of the out-of-doors who explored the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, where she previously taught, Miss McMillion had visited Jackson several times and was always struck with the beauty of the mountains and tranquility of the lakes. JHCA is a place where she can combine her passion for teaching the classics along with her outdoor interests. Miss McMillion is a competitive cyclist, an aspiring skier, an avid hiker, and when not pursuing athletic endeavors, loves to curl up and read a book.
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  • Dr. David Wagner

    Hillsdale College, B.S., Mathematics and French
    Indiana University, M.A., French
    Indiana University, Ph.D., French Literature and History
    6th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade Literature and Composition, 6th Grade Geography, 8th Grade Algebra I, 9th grade Geometry, Scheduling, Testing, Reporting Officer

    An Ohio native, Dr. David Wagner’s extensive experience includes teaching a variety of French language courses and English literature courses for six years at the university level. He also taught high school English near Bordeaux, France. Dr. Wagner’s inspiration for teaching and love for learning come from his parents, both of whom were educators. At JH Classical Academy, Dr. Wagner’s knowledge and gift for teaching are put to good use in many areas. In recent summers, Dr. Wagner has managed programming for a Boy Scout camp near Cody, Wyoming. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Wagner enjoys hiking, travel and is active in his church as music director and organist.

    “At JH Classical Academy, I have the opportunity to share my love of both literature and mathematics with my students. Each discipline gives us a unique ability to understand God, man, and creation, and it is a privilege to bring both subjects to life for students."
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  • Mr. Ian Landis

    Pennsylvania State University, B.S., Elementary Education
    Dean of Faculty Affairs
    7th Grade Homeroom; 7th Grade Pre-Algebra; 5th Grade Science

    Mr. Ian Landis, a founding teacher at JH Classical Academy, enjoys teaching science and mathematics at multiple grade levels. Drawn to Wyoming to be near extended family, Mr. Landis has previously taught in Arizona as well as South Dakota. Mr. Landis’s logical approach to his teaching disciplines makes him a model of excellence in the classroom for his students. Mr. Landis enjoys riding his motorcycle, studying his Bible, and exploring the beauty of Wyoming with his wife and young son.
    “I love seeing students mature in their learning, whether it be coming to love mathematics or science, or just deepening their understanding of the world around them. To love to learn is one of our highest aims, and to be able to guide students to this love through proper training and habit formation has been a blessing. I love coming to work every day, connecting with families in our community, and pointing students to what is true, good, and beautiful.”
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  • Mr. Benjamin Walter

    Haverford College, B.A., Latin and Greek
    University of Oxford, M.St., Latin and Greek
    8th Grade Homeroom, 8th Grade Literature and Composition, Latin III, 7th and 8th Grade Art, Classical Officer

    Mr. Benjamin Walter, a native of Pennsylvania, has been teaching at JH Classical Academy for four years. Mr. Walter strives to develop virtue in young men and women he teaches. As the oldest of six children who were classically homeschooled, Mr. Walter developed a deep love for art, ancient languages, and English literature. His approach to teaching in the classroom is inspired by his father, who has helped found and lead two classical schools. With a wide range of interests that include hiking, skiing, and landscape painting, Mr. Walter feels very much at home in Wyoming. 
    "I love having the opportunity to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty by being both a student and teacher of my disciplines. Seeing students challenged and transformed by books, art, or language is the most rewarding aspect of working at JH Classical Academy."
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  • Mr. Theodore Sawyer

    Hillsdale College, B.A., Greek Language and English Literature

    11th Grade Homeroom, 11th Grade Humane Letters, Latin I, 5th Grade History

    With a double degree in Greek and English literature, Mr. Teddy Sawyer brings a strong classical background and a passion for literature to Jackson Hole Classical Academy. Mr. Sawyer has fully embraced living in the Jackson area, where he enjoys running, climbing, and other outdoor activities. In the community, Mr. Sawyer plays the oboe in the Jackson Hole Band and sings in the choir at the Episcopal Church. He also spends time reading and translating to expand his multi-language proficiency that includes Spanish, Old English, Latin, and Greek. 
    "After receiving a copy of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament, I was thrilled to share this book with students and colleagues. Their excitement demonstrates a love of learning that our community seeks to cultivate."
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  • Miss Sarah Boss

    Wheaton College, B.A. English Literature / Minor: History 
    Károli Gáspár University, M.A., English Literature & Linguistics
    9th Grade Humane Letters, 6th Grade American History, 4th Grade World History & Geography

    Miss Sarah Boss comes to JH Classical Academy from her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. She attended Wheaton College in Illinois and gained a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in history. She then studied in Budapest for two years for a master’s degree in English.
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  • Mrs. Christa Carson

    Messiah College, B.A. Physics, with Secondary Teaching Certification

    11th Grade Physics, 8th Grade Earth Science, 5th Grade Singapore Math; 6th Grade Science, Lego Robotics (After-School)
    Originally from New Jersey, Mrs. Christa Carson teaches math and sciences at Jackson Hole Classical Academy. Having previously taught physics and chemistry to high school students, as well as summer courses with Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, Mrs. Carson embraces science and math as sources for inspiring wonder in students. Mrs. Carson and her husband, Thomas Carson, an engineer with the National Parks Service, share a love for the outdoors.
    “I was attracted to Jackson Hole Classical Academy by the intentionality with which the educators, administration, and staff approach their roles. I am excited to be a part of a team that cares for the whole child and creates an atmosphere of learning and curiosity.”
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  • Ms. Manjola Koci

    Anna Maria College, B.M., Music Education
    New England Conservatory of Music, M.M., Musicology
    Dean of Student Affairs; Admissions Officer
    8th Grade Medieval History

    Born and educated as a child in Albania, Ms. Manjola Koci moved to the United States in 1995. Ms. Koci’s rich experience in teaching previous to JH Classical Academy includes over a decade of music instruction. She also worked as a Music Curriculum Advisor for a large charter school network in Arizona. In her free time, Ms. Koci enjoys reading, attending the Grand Teton Music Festival, and traveling. 
    “I love working at JH Classical Academy because, through the mission and vision, we represent a culture, and our task is to pass on the wisdom of the Western Tradition to our students. We all, as students and teachers, are challenged to fully understand and embrace truth, goodness and beauty.”
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  • Mr. Samuel Lunz

    University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, B.S., Exercise Science and Biology
    Texas State University, M.A., Exercise Science
    Dean of External Affairs 
    7th Grade Life Science; K-8th Grade Physical Education

    Coach Samuel Lunz is originally from San Marcos, Texas, where his father has been a headmaster of a private school for 40 years. His sixteen years of teaching experience have given him a deep love for the art of teaching. In particular, Coach Lunz is eager to see his students embody the same virtues on the field or court that are incorporated into every aspect of the classroom at JH Classical Academy. In the community, Coach Lunz serves as the head basketball coach of Jackson Hole High School. Coach Lunz and his wife have embraced life in Jackson Hole and are enjoying raising their family in this community.

    “I love teaching at Jackson Hole Classical Academy because of the high character and quality of the faculty, staff, leadership, and families. It is by far the best place I have taught because of the focus on in-depth curriculum and teaching, the pursuit of truth, and the development of each student as a whole person created in the image of God.”
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  • Mrs. Elizabeth Birnie

    Wheaton College (Massachusetts), BA
    Montana State University, MA Ed

    Director of Advancement; 6th Grade Art; Kindergarten Art

    Mrs. Birnie, an Atlanta, Georgia native, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, where she double majored in studio art and art history.  She has taught pre-school in Wilson as well as ski school at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  She completed teacher certification for K-12 Art Instruction through Montana State University's Northern Plains program and earned her M.A. in Education, Curriculum and Instruction from Montana State University.
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  • Mr. Burton Gildersleeve

    Colby College, B.A., Latin American Studies & Spanish 
    Digital Marketing; 11th Grade Spanish; High School Coordinator

    Mr. Burton Gildersleeve grew up in Chatham, New Jersey and attended Colby College in Maine, where he double majored in Latin American studies and Spanish. After college, Mr. Gildersleeve worked in Miami as a supply chain consultant for clothing companies and their production facilities in Latin America. Mr. Gildersleeve has also worked to jumpstart the online marketing for small business owners by writing and designing content on their websites. In his spare time, Burton likes exploring the outdoors with his wife Corey and two daughters, Vera and Jane.
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  • Mr. Timothy Grupp

    Chess Instructor
    Mr. Grupp shares his lifelong passion for playing and teaching chess at Jackson Hole Classical Academy. Learning to play chess at only four years old, he became the Southern California elementary state champion in 6th grade. Mr. Grupp began teaching chess privately in 8th grade. As a black belt in multiple martial arts, Mr. Grupp is assisting in instructing students in personal defense in the Practical Arts curriculum. Outside the classroom, Mr. Grupp trains in personal defense and enjoys being a solo world traveler. 
    "I am blessed to have the privilege to teach chess, one of my passions, to such a gifted and joyous group of students. I love having the ability to share a unique set of skills to the students of Jackson Hole Classical Academy; they are both eager to learn and rewarding to teach."
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