• October

    Spanish Class at Jackson Hole Classical Academy

    Spanish I: Introduction of the Modern Language Track

    “Donde hay gana, hay maña” is a well-known proverb in the Spanish-speaking community. It most closely resembles the English saying: where there’s a will, there’s a way. To Mr. Gildersleeve, this proverb is particularly befitting for language acquisition. “To learn a language – to truly gain fluency,” he asserts, “it’s important you learn to love the language, first.”

    Mr. Gildersleeve, new to JH Classical Academy this year, teaches Spanish I to the 11th grade. In Spanish I, students learn the foundations of
    speaking, listening, and writing in Spanish. They’re encouraged, too, to embrace Spanish’s direct application in the world around them.
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  • May

    10th Grade Presentations on "The Chemistry of Life"

    On Tuesday, April 23rd, Jackson Hole Classical Academy’s tenth grade students culminated their sophomore research project with a formal presentation to an audience of family, faculty, and students. The tenth-grade science curriculum is built upon the framework of understanding chemistry as the structure, composition, and behavior of the atoms and molecules which make up all of our natural world. In January, students were given the task of applying this knowledge by selecting a common item in their lives and researching the chemistry behind its composition, creation, and function. Pete Cook, Jacqueline Neishabouri, and Kim Ripley researched the chemistry of coffee, golf balls, and air-activated hand warmers, respectively.
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  • April

    The CLT at JH Classical Academy

    Andrew Kern, founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, states in his lecture the “Assessment That Blesses,” that assessment, when done well, should bless the student. How can this be?
    What does Mr. Kern mean ‘to bless’?
     Psalm 1:3, which describes ‘one who is blessed’ in this way:
    He is like a tree planted by streams of water,
    yielding its fruit in season,
    whose leaf does not wither,
    and who prospers in all he does.
    In light of this passage, one finds that ‘to bless’ our students is to cause them to flourish, to be fruitful, to reach their full potential as humans. How, then, are students blessed in assessments? What should assessment look like at JH Classical Academy?
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