• October

    JHCA selected as a quarterfinalist for the 2022 Yass Prize

    Jackson Hole Classical Academy has been selected as one of the 64 quarterfinalists for the 2022 Yass Prize! The Yass Foundation, established by educational visionaries Janine and Jeff Yass, released a statement regarding the prize that read, “the award highlights education providers that strive to offer education that is Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding and Permissionless (STOP).” All quarterfinalists in the nationwide competition are awarded $100,000 for their efforts in advancing education, with the ability to receive additional awards as the competition progresses. We are truly grateful to the Yass Foundation, The Center for Education Reform (CER), and Forbes for choosing JHCA as a quarterfinalist!
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  • Ambassador Bremberg speaks to JHCA students during visit

    Thank you, Ambassador Andrew Bremberg for coming to speak to our upper school students! Dr. Bremberg spoke about his time as the U.S. Ambassador in Geneva, serving in the White House, and his current position as President of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in D.C., where he is an advocate for freedom around the world.
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  • 4th-grade class visits Yellowstone National Park

    The fourth-grade class took a field trip today to Yellowstone National Park, just a short drive from our campus! Our students spent the day in the southern loop, which included a visit to Yellowstone Lake to write descriptive essays, a fact-finding scavenger hunt at the Old Faithful Visitor Center museum, and a Ranger Program in front of Old Faithful during which students learned about the Park's hydrothermal features, examined mineral samples, and of course witnessed the Old Faithful geyser.
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  • June

    First and Third Grade Field Trip: Fish & Elk & Art, Oh My!

    The 1st and 3rd grade classes enjoyed a three-part, wildlife-themed field trip last week to the Jackson National Fish Hatchery, the National Elk Refuge, and the National Museum of Wildlife Art.
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  • May

    Fourth Grade Adventures in Yellowstone

    The fourth grade class explored Yellowstone National Park on Friday, May 20 for their class field trip this year. They saw some exciting wildlife – including bison, elk, and a bear – along their drive and in the Park. In addition to visiting geysers, the Old Faithful Inn, and Yellowstone Lake, they learned about the history of the United State’s first national park and contemplated its beauty.
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  • Dwayne Harty: The Creative Life of a Diorama Artist

    Wildlife, landscape, and diorama artist, Dwayne Harty, spoke to the upper school students on Wednesday about his career and the history and process of making taxidermy dioramas for various natural history and wildlife museums. He explained that teams of artists and scientists work together to assemble these dioramas to make them both as lifelike as possible, as well as aesthetically pleasing.
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  • April

    Pearls by Shari Presentation

    Mrs. Shari Turpin, founder of Pearls by Shari, visited our campus recently to give a presentation about pearls, the only precious gem created by a living organism. She spoke about how pearls are made, both in the wild and through the sustainable process of farming. Mrs. Turpin said that all of the world’s natural pearls are produced by about 40 family farms in the South Sea. In fact, she spends five months out the year personally visiting these farms to source pearls for her shops. 
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  • March

    Fifth Grade History Fair: The Industrial Revolution and Its Famous Inventions

    “Dynamite for sale! Makes coal mining easier. No more digging!” 

    “Telegraph machine: 40 percent off! Letters take weeks to send; a telegram takes seconds!”

    These were just a few of the creative headlines JHCA fifth-graders wrote for the annual History Fair, which featured advertisements “selling” popular inventions from the first and second waves of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. 

    Students were randomly assigned an invention from the Industrial Revolution to research using best research practices and reliable sources. Then, they created an informed advertisement poster and "ad pitch" selling their assigned invention, which they presented to parents and fellow students this past Monday. 
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  • Lunch & Learn Series: Follow your natural abilities

    Steve Friess, JHCA co-founder and chess instructor, came to speak to our high school students during this month’s Lunch & Learn, a time for students to hear the career stories of academy parents and ask questions.

    “A lot more has happened for you than you think in your education so far,” Mr. Friess said in his opening remarks. “You’ve learned the ideas of order, self-discipline, and time management skills.”
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  • Lunch & Learn Series: How pursuing your passions can lead to your dream career

    JH Classical Academy’s first “Lunch & Learn” for high school students was this week. Mr. Tattersall, a JHCA parent, came to speak about his career journey and answer questions. The goal of this series is to provide students with a glimpse into the professional world and what is available to them post graduation. During the meeting, students learned about a career in nursing, received practical career advice, and had the opportunity to ask questions.
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  • February

    A World In Motion: Students engineer model fuel cell cars for SAE challenge

    Students in Mr. Klein’s 7th grade and high school Introduction to Engineering class recently tested the model fuel cell cars they built in conjunction with SAE International’s “A World In Motion” challenge. SAE International is an aerospace company and professional association for engineering professionals that also provides educational opportunities for K-12 students.
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  • 4th grade class presents feudalism play and National Parks presentation

    Students in Ms. Lyon’s 4th grade history class have been studying the medieval feudal system utilized in Europe and Japan, in addition to learning about the national parks in science and geography class. On Wednesday, the class performed a play for parents and classmates in which each student portrayed a key member of feudal society: peasants, knights, nobles, and monarchs.
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  • January

    Learning fortitude and perseverance through poetry

    Students in Mr. Ian McRae’s seventh-grade Literature & Composition class recently read the poems “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley and Lord Byron’s translation of Horace’s “Odes III.3.” These poems were selected to coincide with recent opening ceremonies, in which we discussed the virtue of fortitude.
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