Portrait of a JHCA student: Joyful and Confident

The first thing you notice when you meet our students is how joyful and confident they are. They greet you with a smile and are excited to launch into a description of whatever topic they find most engaging at the moment. Why are these children so joyful and engaging? What really defines a JH Classical Academy student?
Children possess an innate love for the true, the good, and the beautiful. This love is deepened and fulfilled by their studies. This love does not stop when the student leaves the classroom at the end of the day, nor at graduation. When a child pauses to observe a caterpillar crawling on the ground, tells you about a book, stops to marvel at the breath-taking colors found in a sunset, independently researches a historical figure, or just feels the need to ask questions—that child is showing a sense of wonder and a deepening appreciation for the world and people in it. Our school cultivates this spirit of loving inquiry and appreciation.

Our students learn to see themselves and every human being with whom they come in contact as children of God and worthy of love and respect. They learn that being a student is not just about memorizing facts, but about discovering the world around them and exploring ideas –– not only of all those great thinkers who came before but also the ideas of teachers and peers. Each conversation, each person with whom the student comes in contact is an opportunity to learn.

The word student comes from the Latin verb studere, often translated as “to strive,” “to pursue,” “to devote oneself to,” or “to concentrate on.” A student is someone who devotes himself or herself to learning the good, the true, and the beautiful, pursuing these in the many iterations in which they appear in the world. A student enters into a partnership of discovery with his teachers and peers. The teacher helps point the way, but the student has as much to show the teacher as the teacher does the student. The journey along the path of wonder is a mutual one; not one designed to be walked in solitude. 

Made in the image of God, a student is not just an empty slate, an unfilled vessel, a learning machine. The student is a full and complete human being. As long as the student’s heart is inclined towards what is good and true and beautiful, he or she is open to wonder and discovery. This love propels the student to examine and ponder and never stop wondering; it allows life-long learning, for there is always more to discover and understand. Our students are joyful because they walk this path of learning and know that the fountains of truth, goodness, and beauty never run dry, forever ready to refresh the soul in wonder.

To learn more about our students’ formation and values, please visit our Core Virtues & Habits website page.

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