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Head of School Update: Friday January 12, 2018

Dear JH Classical Academy Families, 

My husband reads to our children every night for at least 30 minutes.  He has done this for years.  He has a favorite beanbag perfectly situated between the boys and girls rooms so they can hear him from their beds on both sides.  Reading is the heart of education.  But in reading aloud, we also condition the child’s brain to associate reading with pleasure, provide a reading role model, and build a base of knowledge and advanced vocabulary.  On Father’s Day, our third child announced that reading aloud was what he loved about his Dad!    
Children spend 900 hours a year in school and 7,800 hours outside school.   Which teacher has the bigger influence?  Research shows that the seeds of reading and school success are sown in the home.  Children are like sponges, soaking up the behavior of people around them. When parents read aloud to their children, they pass the literary torch from one generation to the next.  As William Butler Yeats said, Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.”  
Human beings will voluntarily do over and over what brings them pleasure.  Reading is an accrued skill. When you read aloud to your children, you’re sending a pleasure message to them and practicing an important skill.  It’s a fact that students who read the most also read the best, achieve the most, and stay in school the longest.  The saying goes: The more you read, the more you know.  The more you know, the farther you go. Enjoy reading aloud to your children, of all ages, as we launch the Reading Rodeo!
I am so excited to annouce that Mrs. Rachel Greb will be joining our faculty this July.  Mrs. Greb founded a successful K-12 classical Christian school in Michigan, serving as their Dean of Academic Affairs and Head of School.  She brings leadership in launching our high school, with experience teaching 10th Grade Humane Letters, wisdom in college counseling, assistance in preparing for accreditation, and joy in parent education classes.  Please spread the word about our program so that we can continue to build our upper grades next year!
This year, the faculty is studying the seven secrets of a joy-filled life through Paul’s letters to the Philippians. Many situations in our life are out of our control. Sometimes they cause us pain and difficulty.  When Paul wrote this letter, he was in jail, and his imprisonment was based on false accusations.  Yet, Paul mentions joy, rejoicing, and gladness 19 times in these four chapters! So how can we remain in a state of joy despite our difficulties? 
In our first session, we learned that the secret of joy despite our circumstances is to change our goals.  Turn the obstacles into opportunities and have the singleness of mind to share, show and know Christ!  In our session this week, we learned that the secret of joy in relationships is to take the attitude of the servant.  Lay down your rights, take the nature of a servant, and sacrifice for others like Christ!  What destroys close relationship?  Poison comes from selfish ambition and vain conceit.
May you experience joy this week despite unexpected circumstances!  May you find joy in close relationships characterized by tenderness, compassion and humility!  May you encounter joy in reading aloud to your children and being a role model for them. 
Mrs. Polly J. Friess
Head of School

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