• October

    Which paper towel is the most absorbent? Our 6th-graders found out!

    The sixth-graders are learning about the methodology of science, which is how we draw conclusions from observations. To solidify this concept, Mr. Landis held a controlled experiment for students to find out, “What is the most absorbent paper towel brand?” between Viva, Bounty, Great Value, and Sparkle.
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  • September

    8th graders learn process of sublimation in earth science class

    September has been full of fun science experiments for our Upper School students! This week in 8th Grade Earth Science with Ms. Kirby Feaver, students got to work with dry ice through a series of observational experiments. They have been reviewing the phase transitions of matter from solid to liquid to gas.
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  • Exploring the ancient Greek's view of justice in opening ceremony

    Dr. Joe Rudolph
    Our examination of the classical virtue of justice continued this week with Dr. Claudia MacMillan’s address to the whole school at Monday’s opening ceremony. Dr. MacMillan, curriculum consultant, spoke about an understanding of true justice in the trilogy of Greek tragedies, the Oresteia.
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  • "Draw what you see; See what you draw."

    Students in Ms. Callens’ 9-12th grade art class are working to master the skill of drawing as a foundation to their art curriculum. In this week’s lesson, entitled "Draw what you see; See what you draw," students were given half of a symmetrical image and told to draw the matching half. The objective was to teach students to analyze what they see when viewing any image.
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  • 4th grade class studies ancient Celtic language "Ogham"

    This week, students in Ms. Lyons’ 4th-grade history class learned how to write their names in the ancient Celtic language, Ogham (pronounced “ow-um”), by carving them into clay. According to Ms. Lyons, the Celts used Ogham symbols to write on stones found across the British Isles. 
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  • Meet the Upper School Art Teacher: Mrs. Tammy Callens

    Mrs. Tammy Callens joins the faculty at JH Classical Academy with a lifetime of experience in the world of art. An award-winning and widely published artist, Mrs. Callens studied techniques of the masters at the New York City Art Students League. 
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  • June

    Class of 2021 Graduation

    "Truth, beauty and goodness."

    That was the theme of JH Classical Academy's first Graduation yesterday, June 4, in which we witnessed the culmination of nine years of dedication to classical education, and our mission to cultivate within our students the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover their God-given potential. These three seniors are the fruition of that mission.
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  • May

    7th Grade science class presents non-seed plants research

    Students in Mr. Lunz's 7th grade science class have been studying different types of vascular seed plants in Wyoming and non-seed plants all over the world. Today, students presented their research on non-seed plants, which reproduce by forming spores and include mosses, ferns, liverworts, and horsetails.
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  • April

    3rd–6th Annual Chess Tournament

    JHCA held its end of the year Chess Tournament for 3rd-6th grade students on Wednesday, April 21. The entry-level tournament consisted of multiple divisions with the goal of providing students the opportunity to experience a tournament.
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  • March

    Tea Party Club's Final Tea

    Students in the Tea Party Club attended their "Final Tea" this week. The special event was the culmination of weeks of lessons in etiquette and hospitality taught by Mrs. Ashton Quattlebaum, Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sally Woodhouse, 2nd Grade teacher, and various guest speakers. The "low tea" consisted of three courses including tea, sandwiches, and desserts, and each student invited one guest to attend. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who assisted with this event!
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  • Academic Exhibition 2021

    Our annual Academic Exhibition was a joy to behold! Through each class' presentation — and through the exhibition as a whole — we witnessed how JHCA students grow in character, knowledge, curiosity, strength, and wisdom, with an ever-growing, nurtured joy for learning. Thank you to everyone who watched our livestream or attended in-person! If you missed it, you can view the recording of the event here.
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  • Portrait of a JHCA student: Joyful and Confident

    The first thing you notice when you meet our students is how joyful and confident they are. They greet you with a smile and are excited to launch into a description of whatever topic they find most engaging at the moment. Why are these children so joyful and engaging? What really defines a JH Classical Academy student?
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  • February

    The Wonder In Anatomy

    Students in 10th–12th Grade Anatomy & Physiology have been studying the complex systems in the human body. In order to better understand these systems and how they relate to each other, students recently had the opportunity to perform an in-depth dissection on fetal pigs. According to JHCA science teacher Ms. Kirby Feaver, the internal anatomy of fetal pigs is similar to that of the human body, and their small size makes organs easy to find and identify.
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  • First Annual Spirit Week - 2021

    JH Classical Academy's first annual School Spirit week was an incredible example of the truth, beauty and goodness in our community, as each team displayed great respect for each other throughout the competition. Throughout the week, students participated in games, activities, competitions, and “general merriment,” as Sixth Grade Homeroom Teacher Zachary Hughes calls it.
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  • January

    Research scientist visits the 7th-grade science lab to teach Gram staining method

    The JHCA seventh-grade science class had a special visit last week from Mr. Zach Siler of Perfectus Biomed, LLC, a microbiological contract testing company with a lab in Jackson.
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