The mission of Jackson Hole Classical Academy is to cultivate within its students
the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover their God-given potential
and contribute to a flourishing and free society.

Head of School Memo

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  • Friday February 16, 2018

    Dear JH Classical Academy Families,

    I spent the day yesterday with my Board Chair, Brent Hodges, at the school he leads here in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is so good to have a Board Chair who recognizes the value of my hard work, cares for me, and shows me how to lead. The Lord asks us to live together in this way.  Comforting.  Teaching. Reminding.  Advocating.  Holding Accountable.  Strengthening.  The spirit of our age is a somewhat leadership-intolerant, but perhaps due to the lack servant leadership models. Max DePree, in his book Leadership is an Art, says, “Leadership is much more an art, a belief, a condition of the heart than a set of things to do.”  Brent shares an educational body of knowledge with me, shows me how he stewards his relationships and values, and together we learn and stay vital in our faith and work. It makes a meaningful difference in my life.
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In The Classroom

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  • The 3rd Grade Roman Forum

    The third grade reenacted a Roman Forum to celebrate the end of our unit on Ancient Rome. The Roman Forum was a marketplace where goods were bought and sold. It was also a gathering place where people would meet for lively conversation.  Orators like Cicero and Mark Antony would give rousing speeches in the Forum. If you wanted to hear what gossip was going around Rome, you would go to the Forum! We try to recreate the feeling of the Roman Forum in the classroom by sharing everything we had learned about Ancient Rome. 
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Teacher Spotlight

Student Life

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  • Pete Cook's Eagle Court of Honor

    On January 28, 2018, Pete Cook was honored to receive his Eagle Scout, the highest award in Boy Scouts. They honored his achievement in Alpine with his family, friends, and troops at his Eagle Court of Honor, a specific ceremony to recognize his accomplishment. Pete has been involved in Troops 268 and 774 since he turned 11, and the troops and community supported him in his pursuit of the honor. 
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Owl Happenings

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  • The Reading Rodeo Kick-off and Mystery Characters

    This year, the Annual JHCA reading event has been restyled the Reading Rodeo, in an annual effort to inspire students and their families to read and unite over great books. The three-week event opened with a school-wide rally for which each faculty member and rodeo volunteer donned literary costumes. Pictures of the teachers are posted in the main hall for the students to investigate, and a competition is underway to guess the identities of each costumed figure. 

    In addition to the character competition, the students compete in their homerooms to read the most minutes and the highest class average earns treats for their classes! The Reading Rodeo promotes literacy and community in books and pleasant competition. A special thanks to parent coordinators for their support and involvement.
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