The mission of Jackson Hole Classical Academy is to cultivate within its students
the wisdom and virtue necessary to discover their God-given potential
and contribute to a flourishing and free society.

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  • Friday March 2, 2018

    Dear JH Classical Families,

    We concluded our month focused on the cardinal virtue of Justice with a thoughtful reflection by 9th Grader Lily Lonneker.  Completely on her own, Lily researched the legal and moral definitions of justice and combined them to create a compass of how to treat others: to help the needy, to love our enemies, and to live justly. Three of our 9th Graders have thus far shared reflections with the entire student body. What an encouragement it is to see our young adults articulate important insights with poise and confidence!  Please encourage potential 8th & 9th Grade students to join our JH Classical Academy students for an Open House with mini-lessons from our teachers this Tuesday, March 6thfrom 8-10:30 AM.  Our students are eager to learn alongside more friends!
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In The Classroom

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  • 8th Grade Astronomy Tours

    In Earth Science, our eighth grade students banded together to give a comprehensive tour of the objects in the night sky. The students created a planetarium-like experience by selecting pictures of celestial objects to hang from the walls and ceiling of the classroom.
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Student Life

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  • JH Classical Student Art on Display at the Wildlife Museum

    Students from the 3rd through 9th grades have had teh opportunity to showcase some of their art at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in a collaborative effort with the museum and local educators. Mrs. Birnie and Miss McWhorter submitted selections from the student art work from their classes and an opening was held to recognize and view the pieces on March 9th. 
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Owl Happenings

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  • The Square Dance

    On Friday March 16th, JH Classical hosted the second annual Square Dance and Spaghetti Dinner for the students and their families at the school. Stephen and Shea Lassiter traveled down from Cody to call the event, and they spent the week prior in the school during normal PE and Chess class teaching the students various square dance calls. 

    After feasting on Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and garlic bread, the diners cleared and returned as dancers for the remainder of the evening. Over one hundred students, parents, and faculty joined the fun! 
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